Voice Services

Does it seem like it takes an advanced degree to understand all the Local and Long Distance Voice Services that you are being presented with? When we realized that our clients were being taken advantage of by their voice vendors we concluded that we had to take action to prevent this from happening.

We Learned a Secret

While researching all the new voice services, plans and vendors that keep popping up everywhere, we learned a secret called integration. Integration happens when both your voice and broadband lines share the same circuit. This allows you the ability to manage these services more effectively, improve your broadband speed and reliability, while reducing overall costs. Let us perform a free voice analysis and inform you of your options.

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I think it is awesome that we have someone monitoring our system who identified an issue then started addressing the cause before we even knew there was a problem. When I hired Technology and Networking they said they would be proactive, they are living up to there promise. - John Rowland, Owner/GM, Duckett Truck Centers